3 Important PPC Tasks That You Must Add To Your Daily Routine

Running PPC campaigns must be challenging. But more challenging is to make it successful and get rank-driven results for your business. From creating ad copies to choosing the right advertising platforms and monitoring them, the PPC process is indeed a lengthy one. But it becomes easier when you seek guidance and support from a PPC expert.

If you connect with a PPC agency in Delhi, you will understand the difference between running a PPC ad and generating desired results from it. It is not as easy as it seems to. You always have to keep an eye on your paid ad to generate impressive results.

Here in this article, we will talk about a few tasks that you have to perform daily if you are serious about your PPC campaign.

3 Essential PPC tasks you must perform daily

  1. Monitor your Key Performance Indicators: KPI or Key Performance Indicators are the significant factors of a PPC campaign. This helps the business to determine the effectiveness of the campaigns and allows it to make improvements accordingly.

    The very first thing that you must not forget is examining the ad performance. Suppose you have launched an ad last night. Your first job in the morning would be to determine the performance level. This should be your daily task.
    The key factors that influence the ad performance are the number of clicks, click-through rate, cost per click, and conversion rates. These four KPIs determine how brilliant the ad is performing on the site and how rapidly your business is making sales.
    The number of clicks determines the number of people who have actually clicked the link. This shows how many people are actually showing interest in the ads. Although this doesn’t determine the quality of your ad, you can get an overview of your targeted audience.

    Click through rates are calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the total number of views. The better the rate is, the better is the performance level.

    Cost per click is the amount spend on the users per click. Mathematically, it is calculated by dividing the amount spent on the ad by the number of clicks made.
    Conversion rates are measured based on the number of conversions or sales generated from an ad. Just divide the number of conversions or sales by the number of clicks. The result is the conversion rate.

    Calculate these statistics and compare them with the previous one daily.

  2. List down the negative keywords:Once you have calculated all the four KPIs, your next job would be to list down the negative keywords. It is true that to attract more clicks, you should make use of the most relevant keywords. This makes your ad visible to the right audience whenever a related search query is made.However, you should also focus on negative keywords, even though your business has nothing to do with them.
    Avoiding negative keywords creates a serious negative impact on business ROI.So, create negative keywords and evaluate them on a daily basis. Doing this, you are basically preventing your ad from getting displayed on the irrelevant search queries.If the search keywords are not relevant to your business niche, they should not be displayed on search engines.

    Perform the task daily as the searches made online are performed every day.

  3. Review your PPC budget:Lastly, you must pay attention to is your budget. Calculating your budget, your expenses every day is a sign of a smart marketer. This will give you a foresight about how to utilize your remaining budget smartly and generate positive results for the long term.
    The best thing about the PPC campaign is the daily budget on Google AdWords is not fixed. It varies every day as you review your campaign. This implies you have the freedom to modify your budget according to your needs.

The Bottom Line

PPC or pay-per-click ad campaigns are noted for attracting the right audience in no time. It delivers quicker results and helps the site to appear on the top of the search engine result page. But this happens only when you keep doing the above-mentioned tasks daily.

Make a habit of performing the three jobs in the morning or at any time in the day. In this way, you can monitor your brand performance, learn about the traffic, determine the conversion and bounce rates, and escalate your business accordingly. Visit an ad agency in Delhi NCR and hire their services.

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