5 Reasons to You Need a Seedbox in 2020!


Summary:- In today’s day and age, seedboxes are getting increasingly popular among members of the torrenting community because a lot of benefits can be availed from their use.

In today’s day and age, torrent downloads are insanely popular. Torrents are used by millions of users around the world for downloading games and movies. While torrents have a lot of benefits, a significant disadvantage with torrents is that they aren’t private which means that your information relating to what you are downloading can be seen by just about anyone. Privacy is a huge concern for all people who frequently upload and download torrent files and for these people, a seedbox is the only way o go.

What Exactly is a Seedbox?

Seedboxis nothing but a high-bandwidth remote server which allows for the uploading and downloading of torrent files at insanely fast speeds.

Here’s Why You Need to Own a Seedbox!

Seedboxes have a lot of benefits but there are still many people who aren’t entirely convinced of the value of seedboxes. They are apprehensive if seedboxes are really worth the investment. In acutality, there are a lot of reasons to buy a seedbox! Let’s have a look at some of the most important reasons for getting yourself a seedbox!

  1. Saves time and bandwidth: – Downloading big files on your mobile is full of hassles, especially if you happen to be someone who travels frequently. A top seedbox is actually what you might need because with the help of a seedbox you will easily be able to download all the files that you need, even if you are traveling. You just need to copy the files and you don’t even have to be online as you wait for the download to get completed. When you use a top seedbox you won’t need to stay online during the entire downloading process and will still be able to download the files that you need!
  2. Frees up your home internet connection :- Even if you use a high-quality computer to run 24-hour downloads, you will still manage to clog the bandwidth of your system. On the other hand, getting yourself a top seedbox makes sense because it is equipped with a robust system that can easily run operations 24/7 without needing to be shut down. So as long as you are using a top seedbox, go ahead with downloading large files without any worries about damaging your system or overusing it.
  3. Become a VIP in private communities :- If you intend to become a VIP member in private communities then you will need to meet their ratios. If you fail to meet the ratios then there’s a high chance of you getting kicked out of the community. If you want to maintain the ideal ratio, you will need to keep seeding torrents and for doing so you will need to stay online for most of the time. But when you get yourself a top seedbox, you will be able to download and seed torrents easily and efficiently, thereby improving your ratio. Plus, no need to remain online at all times. So, when you get yourself a top seedbox you are raising your chances of becoming a VIP member.
  4. Privacy and Anonymity: – The Internet in today’s day and age is a very public space and it has gotten very easy for people to figure out what is being downloaded or uploaded by someone. This doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with your privacy and anonymity while downloading and uploading torrent files. When you have a top seedbox, you will have complete control over your privacy because you will be the only one who can access your files through login account. Further, with a top seedbox you will get a OpenVPN feature which will provide with the ability to browse the Internet with encrypted connectivity.
  5. Easily Stream Video Files: – A top seedbox will easily be able to host media files and this is something which is pretty common knowledge. What you might not know is that some seedboxes in the market come with pre-installed apps like Plexi and KODI which turns the seedbox into a media center providing you the ability to host video content libraries as you please. Further, you can easily stream and watch video files directly from the seedbox using a web browser or a streamer.

The Bottom Line

There you go. Those were the top 5 benefits of owning a top seedbox. Seedboxes in today’s day and age have a lot of storage space which allows you the ability to store a lot more files in your seedbox account. When you have a top seedbox you will be able to save a lot of space on your local machine because you will have plenty of storage space on your seedbox to load all your favorite digital files.


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