How to Buy Concrete Sealers?


Decorative concrete is not complete without applying concrete sealer on the affected area. Treating your concrete with these sealers increase the life of the surface by adding a protective layer. Not only this, but it also enhances the appearance of the structure by giving an aesthetic touch to the surface. Application of concrete resurfacing in Melbourne also helps in protecting the concrete just like sealers.

Before applying on the surface, it is important to understand the advantages associated with it. Here are a few benefits that you should know:

  • Sealers elevate the intensity of color applied on the concrete. It doesn’t matter if the color is a stain, integral or dye, sealer helps in enriching the color intensity.
  • Another important aspect of concrete sealers is that it adds sheen to the surface it has been applied on.
  • Oil, dirt and grease can easily get stuck to the surface. Application of sealers will make the concrete easy to maintain and clean. It also keeps dust and other substances away that has the potential to damage the concrete surface.
  • Penetration of water and chloride is also minimized when applied sealer on the concrete structure. Protection against abrasion and wear is also an important feature of concrete sealing.

However, it is important to find the correct product in order to enjoy all these perks. There are various products in the market which makes finding the correct product a major task. Getting hold of a wrong sealing product can destroy both structure and the beauty of the surface. Here are a few things that will help you find the appropriate product for your surface:

Right Product – It is essential to look for companies that are dealing in concrete sealing in Melbourne.Taking the help of professionals will help in saving you from future destruction.

Quantity–Soon after finding the correct product it is important to understand the quantity it is required in. Usually, the coverage rate is determined in square footage which makes the measurement easier.

Compatibility–It is essential to check for the compatibility between the sealer and the decorative product. There are certain elements that may interrelate with a coloring agent and later affect the surface in the form of bubbling, blistering or bleeding of color.

Breathable material – Before applying the sealer, it is important to be assured that the sealer is breathable. The most common kind of sealer is acrylic sealer which is breathable.It is preferred by most of the contractors who deal in decorative concrete in Melbourne.

The Time it Takes to Dry –It is difficult to determine how much time does sealers require to dry. However, the fastest drying sealers are the acrylic ones that take about 30 to 60 minutes to dry.

Not only sealing, but concrete resurfacing in Melbourne is equally important. Searching for decorative concrete solutions in Melbourne can protect you from choosing the wrong product.

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