Looking to Hire SEO? Don’t Hire Before Reading This Information


Finding it difficult to select the ideal SEO expert for your organization? You have to be intelligent to find a professional SEO Consultant. An illogical decision not only will put a hole in your pocket but will also waste valuable time which a non-competitive person will waste. There are a lot of people in the search engine optimization fraternity who follow unethical techniques. Several SEO’s do inferior quality work.

They still follow the methodologies which have been outdated for more than 10 years now Its no surprise that these freelancers still follow strategies that can do more harm to the client’s website than good. The black hat approach to website optimization is not what search engines expect in 2020. If you give an offer to someone with little experience then obviously they will do activities which are not right for your site and you will face the consequences.

Why you should never hire Digital Marketing Company blindly

In Forth month on the year 2012, Google released Google penguin, one of the intelligent backlink penalty update which impacted sites with link farms. All those sites which did not follow the webmaster guidelines on backlinks were impacted by this update. We all believed that this was coming as Google earlier also penalized websites.

A penalty also existed before penguin when Google used to penalize websites for backlinks manually. Back-linking using software used to do the job well and clients were also delighted with quick results, but unfortunately, it was hammered by Google. It is almost certain that if deceitful practices are followed, then the website will be completely penalized. The search engine penalties are not something that can not be recovered. With correct data and ways, this can be fixed. The way to confirm the penalty for your web-site is announcements in the search console.

But I am almost 100% sure that you will get any messages for penalty then your SEO company will hide or delete that. You will always question what is wrong with the web site and why it is not ranking. Coming out of the penalty will not be quick even if you think about changing your digital marketing company. Full reports are needed to solve the penalties quickly, but since you will not have reports, you will find things hard.


Just 3 things to expect from a reliable SEO Professional

1. On-Page SEO is the King

Build an Approach that works in the long term. Website SEO is an organic channel that grows over time.

If you are generally looking for short term fast results then probably you should go for Google Adwords. PPC will help you generate sales opportunities in no-time by placing your advertisement on page one of Google. Google Adwords is just not only used for lead generation but also branding using Google display network. White hat search engine optimization or Honest search engine optimization is the right way to do search engine optimization. If search engine optimization is carried out in the white hat manner then the site can not be penalized ever. SEO is the year 2020 and ahead is all about on-site SEO where features like header tag, meta-tags and content is key. In case your search engine optimization company is not working on these aspects then there is a problem with the SEO plan.

2. Link Acquisition Strategy

Building web links is certainly important for ranking on hard keywords and hence should be part of your search engine optimization approach. search engine optimization 2020 is more about public relations job than questionable link-building methods. You should ask your search engine optimization organization about their link building approach. Also, take a complete report every 2 2 or 3 weeks to review the backlinks made by them. It’s not the volume of backlinks which often is important but the level of quality of backlinks which has been built. I say this because getting an important link will take a large number of efforts looking for blog websites using twitter, Search engines, and other tools.

3. Monthly Reporting

Every decent SEO freelancer delivers on-page and off-page reports on weekly or month to month bases. on-site SEO should be documented in a report by your SEO firm|It would be very good to have records in Google docs about on-site improvements. I prefer Google docs thanks to the real-time monitoring benefit. Without reports, you will not be able to evaluate the effectiveness of any SEO strategy. Google sheets are best for keeping the backlink reports. Link records are always useful. Be it at the time you change your SEO Company or believe a link to be toxic.

This is Very Important

In case you are working with a reputed SEO agency then I think you are in risk-free hands. If any firm promises the first-page position then that is an alarming sign and you should not hire them blindly. Hiring an SEO expert is vital because the success of your organization is dependent on how they perform. They should be selected the same way you employ any Sr Executive in the business.

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