New Business Idea for Ride-Hailing Drivers to Make Extra Money


Rideshare drivers often find it difficult to make a decent amount of money by just driving cabs and taxis. A lot of company does not focus on the welfare of the ride-hailing drivers. In order to earn money, cash-strapped drivers often work for extra hours to earn extra money. To solve this problem, a new business has come up in the market that helps drivers to earn more money than earlier. Partnering with another business by ridesharing companies can be a great way to help in opening extra income for uber drivers in Australia.

To help rideshare drivers, a company has come into the Australian market where they can sell items like snacks, drinks, condoms and many more while riding the rideshare vehicle. The products will be stored in a box that will offer a service of a convenience store that is installed on the console of the vehicle. Drivers often face the struggle of stopping by a gas station for passengers which often tends to change the route or timeline of the ride. With this in-built convenience store in the cab, rideshare passengers can buy items like mint, water or snacks from the driver itself. This helps as an Extra Income for drivers in Australia.

By selling these products, drivers earn a certain amount of profit on each sale. However, drivers do not have to pay any amount for the product, but they require to make a small amount of security deposit for the box. Installation of these boxes is beneficial for drivers, riders and ridesharing companies. For passenger’s comfort and knowledge, the box has LED lights along a USB connector to attach it with the rideshare vehicle.

When it comes to inventory management, the company takes care of it to make a driver’s experience simpler. Managing the inventory helps the company to be aware of what all products have been sold by the driver. The company sends the sold products at the driver’s doorstep which makes the entire process hassle-free and convenient for the rideshare drivers. Items like snacks, drinks, condoms and many other things can be found in the box.

Installation of an in-car convenience store is extremely beneficial for drivers as it opens extra earning opportunities for Uber drivers. However, selling snacks and other items in a rideshare vehicle can be a great tip for Uber drivers to make more money. In order to avoid working more and earn extra Income for Drivers in Sydney, equipping your vehicle is a great option.

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