Headless Magento 2 Development is the buzzing trend of 2021

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Quite lately, the entire e-commerce arena is buzzing like anything and a major contribution goes to the Headless approach and who better to understand the concept than a Magento development company, someone who has been accepting the concept well.

It is the unlimited customization brought about by this approach that fortifies the whole personalization thing giving a great deal of freedom to site design allowing to hire Magento 2 developer capable of dramatically escalating the performance of a website.

Why Headless approach so critical in Magento 2?

The headless approach allows for bifurcation of Magento into a layered approach with a frontend and backend to support making Magento 2 headless strategy a worth opting approach.

This paves way for a lightning performance with an extremely robust backend and a reliable multifaceted frontend, to say the least incorporating both in parallel at the same time.

Why combine Vue.js with Magento 2?

Vue is relatively the most recent Javascript on the block and is an already popular choice among merchants, it is prominently gaining recognition on GitHub.

Due to its increasing acceptance over Angular and React, as well as the plethora of benefits below, it comes as no surprise to see Vue being combined with Magento 2 over others.

  • js is so lightweight that the entire library carries the size of 18 kb leading to the overall enhanced performance of whatever e-commerce products being created out of the same.
  • js has so many inbuilt tools to offer enabling the development process to be easier than one can possibly imagine helping for both end-to-end and unit testing. There is so much in it for stores such as state managers, browser debugging tools, server renderer, etc. Such tools play an important role in making the storefront function independently that’s a lot easier to handle unlike requiring experts to deal with conventional stores.
  • js offer reusable codes accessible through one file that has JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Modules built via Vue.js are relatively easier to reuse, in addition to reading and accessing them making them a favorite of just about everyone.
  • js has an incredibly easy learning curve offering an absolutely ideal environment for developers not just to learn modules but even implement them as well.

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Integrating Vue.js within Magento 2

When you look into Vue.js, it is MVVM based JavaScript framework well versed in enhancing HTML for building a web application of a single page.

When you have an integration of the two, instead of the conventional approach of Magento loading each and every product page with individual catalog pages loaded into the browser wherein Vue.js loads index page inside the browser utilizing template data making use of REST APIs of Magento.

Implementing Vue.js into Magento

The storefront in Vue.js is solely meant for meeting exclusive demands related to UI with endless customization at fingertips.

The storefront was initially meant towards working alongside ReactJS, but then it turned out to be a better performer as a light-weighted platform.

Wrapping up things in a nutshell

For any Magento development company globally, Magento 2 headless approach is proving to be future e-commerce is heading towards with a defying speed allowing for seamless customization providing a better UI with features that are performance-oriented.

You need to hire Magento 2 developer who can assure a smooth and error-free integration of Vue.js into Magento, for which you need to get an experienced firm onboard who has years of expertise in accomplishing the feat for a while.


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